Georgia Aquarium

Beluga Whale

Our first trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

The proud owner of a shiny new Canon PowerShot A150, we headed to Georgia’s new aquarium– the largest in the world.

We saw some cuttlefish. These things are badass. They just sit there, hovering, waiting to eat things with its tentacle mouth.

Then there was the jellyfish exhibit. They’re very graceful, despite not having brains. Many of them had their tentacles tangled up with the others’.

Some random fish.

They had clownfish on display (you know, Nemo).

Clownfish (Nemo)
I’m surprised Japanese spider crabs never made an appearance in a Godzilla movie. These things are the true terrors of the deep.

We made up backstories about being reincarnated as all sorts of abominations from the deep. I think I settled on being a Japanese spider crab with a cuttlefish face.

We saw some anemones and other things pretending to be foliage.

Then there’s the asshole of the ocean.

There was a dead giant squid on display. The damn thing was the size of a motorcycle.

The piranhas were creepy. They sit there, motionless, waiting for something to fall in the water. Then they all strike at once.

Crocodiles just sit there too, being boring.

Mama always told me to stay away from them river cooter.

River Cooter
Update: Canon makes terrible cameras. The damn thing won’t recognize any batteries I put into it, and of course it’s out of warranty.


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