Beware, deer will eat paper, including this map?

“Beware, Deer will eat paper, including this map?” – This warning, written in large letters across the top of the guide-map we were given upon our arrival to the little island of Miyajima, should have prepared us for the enthusiasm in which the “domesticated” miniature deer of Miyajima would invade our space.

We found the Japanese to be a very polite and generous people, however, the deer in Miyajima do not adhere to such social constructs– the Miyajima deer does what it pleases. Upon arrival we were giggly at the sight of miniature deer wandering happily around the island, allowing tourists to stop and take photos.

Seeing the deer amused us, but the deer had only the most sinister intentions in mind. They wouldn’t leave me alone. I sat down to study the map for two seconds and failed to heed my surroundings when it came up to me and tore a chunk out of the map. It chased me a good distance down the street, very interested in the contents of my purse. He must have smelled the sweet, sweet wad of yen I had thoughtlessly stashed in a side pocket?

Defeated, I relinquished the half eaten map to the deer, and ran off with the remains of my dignity and my purse firmly pressed to my chest. Part of being a tourist is being a sucker, I just didn’t expect to get bested by tiny Miyajima deer.

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