Don Quixote (Don K)

Don Quixote Marijuana Hemp @ Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

What’s up with the name of this place? Is it a play on “Donkey” but they can’t figure out how to enunciate it?

Either way, this place is awesome. It’s like being in a Wal-Mart that’s overstocked to the point where the fire inspectors are barred from entry and all the inventory is maintained by 12-year olds on acid.

They literally have everything. Need a headphone splitter? Check electronics. Need a rice cooker? Home appliances. A new piece of luggage? Luggage. Counterfeit designer goods? There’s an entire corner devoted to that.

Want (or need) a dildo the size of a Howitzer shell? Step behind this curtain.

Howitzer Artillery Shell

Actually, we don’t know for fact that the goods are counterfeit, but we’ll be damned if they retailed that cheaply anywhere else on the planet.

Want a new cuddly best friend?

Or we can cut the pretense and just sell it to you straight. It’s endorsed by a black guy! Wonder if he knew what his likeness would be used for when he posed for the picture.

Don Quixote Marijuana Hemp @ Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Every Don Quixote seems to have an arcade on some floor or another. This one had a photo booth in it that we’d seen before.

Bambi-na @ Don Quixote, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
The Japanese seem to have a huge thing for making people look like deer. Big round eyes and skinny legs. Don’t they realize deer are generally considered pests and are hunted for sport?


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