Why won’t you let me love you?

(Engrish) "Please use a toilet finely."

Flying from the states to Japan is not exactly what I would call a walk in the park. More like a 16 hour ride stuck  inside a giant metal bird with 250 other people, reenacting the circle of life- only with farts. I’m fairly certain that at some point, the line that separates one human from another ends, and we all became one. Needless to say,  I had never been happier to be back on solid ground. First things first, it was time to mark Japan as MINE, so I happily headed off to the nearest bathroom. Only to be met with this abomination of man:


I appear to have wandered too far, and am no longer on planet Earth.

UPDATE: I am now able to use the toilet like a champion. Barbarian… NO LONGER!

Stranger Danger

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