Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree @ Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Skytree is crowded, expensive, and overrated.

The lines to get in were long, and the price of admission was something outrageous– something like $30 a person.

It may be the tallest antenna in the world, but from the pictures I’ve seen the view leaves a lot to be desired. There comes a point where you’re so high above the skyline, there’s no definition to it anymore. The view becomes about as impressive as the one you get from the airplane.

I (personally) had the same issue at the Park Hyatt, which is renowned for its views, yet we were so high above the city all there was to see was a giant gray slab as far as the eye could see.

If this is your idea of a great view then you’d probably enjoy the Skytree. You’d probably also enjoy Phoenix, Arizona.



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