DragonCon 2013

Minecraft Steve @ DragonCon 2013

DragonCon 2013 was a fun experience, but probably marks the beginning of the end for us.

This was the first year in which we tried to bring the children to see the parade. It got very crowded, very quickly, to the point where people were passing out from heat exhaustion and grown men were crying and fainting but the crowds were too dense to even allow one to collapse freely.

I saw the writing on the wall early on and excused myself from the chaos before the parade even began. The kids insisted on staying but thankfully none of ours suffered any casualties in the fracas.

With the parade over and the kids bored, we sent them home with their grandmother and had a great rest of the day. We stopped for lunch at Ray’s in the City, home of the best goddamn chicken sandwiches on the planet, before having a fun day seeking out David Bowie. There’s always one every year.

In general though, it was too crowded. Every year sets another record number in terms of attendance, and this one saw some serious logistical problems. These sorts of things never get better over time, so it remains to be seen whether we end up going again next year.


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