Japanfest 2013

Trio @ Japanfest 2013

We tried to recapture some of the magic of glorious Japan, at home. It didn’t really work.

Japanfest is a festival held yearly in the Gwinnett Convention Center in Duluth, Georgia. It aims to raise awareness of Japanese cultural activity and economic development within the state of Georgia, so many local Japanese businesses (mainly restaurants and manufacturers) set up trade booths to make their presence known and informally sell their services.

Cultural clubs also set up booths, such as the JET Alumni Association of the Southeast.

Food tends to run out quickly, we noticed. Get in on it early!

It was enlightening but disappointing in that it was very transparently a commercial gathering, which we weren’t expecting having recently experienced the Sanju Matsuri in Japan itself. We expected more of a proper festival.

No matter; it was still a fun experience, and interesting to see how many Japanese businesses have a presence in the state of Georgia.


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