Columbia Center Tower

Space Needle @ Columbia Center Tower, Seattle, Washington

While in Seattle we didn’t feel like going to the observation deck of every single building that had one, especially since they tended to be expensive.

The Space Needle would have been the obvious candidate! It’s the thing to do in Seattle. Lady had already been up the Space Needle on a previous trip.

Space Needle @ Columbia Center Tower, Seattle, Washington
But consider– the Space Needle is the defining icon of Seattle’s skyline. Every iconic picture of Paris is taken of the Eiffel Tower, not from it.

As soon as we entered the lobby of Columbia Center Tower, the fire alarm went off. Nobody seemed concerned by it so we kept going up.

Across the street is the King County Administration building. The skybridge allows secure prisoner transport from the jail to the courthouse.

King County Administration Building @ Seattle, Washington
If I recall correctly, Columbia Center Tower is taller than the Space Needle. This may or may not be a good thing– with height comes fog, and there was a ton of it today.


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