DragonCon 2014

Marauders @ DragonCon 2014, Atlanta, Georgia (US)

DragonCon is one of the only interesting things Atlanta has to offer so we figured we might as well not miss it.

Despite our resolutions from previous outings, we went back to DragonCon (2014) this year.

Whoever still thinks global warming is a lie needs to attend DragonCon over the course of a few subsequent years. The weather gets more and more miserable every year. Normally I can take the heat but this time it was just unbearable. We felt bad for the people done up in heavy costumes and makeup, but our pity waned when we realized most of them were safely hanging around in the air-conditioned hotels.

Rita Repulsa, Power Rangers @ DragonCon 2014, Atlanta, Georgia
Aside from getting hotter, DragonCon gets more crowded every year. I think for the last few years in a row it has beat its own attendance records, which is great for the event and the board members who run it, but the organizers haven’t really done anything to accommodate these greater numbers. It’s still the same event, held in the same hotels, just with more people each time.

Crowds @ DragonCon 2014, Atlanta, Georgia (US)
None of the panels even looked interesting so it’s not like the passes would have been worth it either.

Maybe we’re just getting old or maybe it’s a lack of creativity on the part of the participants, but we saw a lot of the same costumes over and over and recognized very few of them. I’m sure we’re just getting old.

The ones we could recognize tended to be very well done, however.

Wolverine and Poison Ivy @ DragonCon 2014, Atlanta, Georgia (US)
We don’t really travel well with others; for DragonCon this year we had some company in tow. Not gonna lie, it really wrecked our groove. So did my insistence on trying to use a manual-focus lens of completely inappropriate focal length in close-quarter, crowded areas. And the heat.

Harley Quinn, Batman @ DragonCon 2014, Atlanta, Georgia
And the rain. We were already having a rough time; making matters worse, early in the afternoon the skies opened up and flooded the streets like the tears of a depressed god. It was the sort of torrent that Maynard Keenan called for in Aenema, the sheer volume of which could have served as the harbinger of countless antediluvian creation myths.

King of Kong Billy Mitchell and Little Mermaid Ariel @ DragonCon 2014
Once the rains started everybody scurried for the nearest hotel, whose lobbies were already packed to overflowing. Rather than building an ark or trying to wait it out, we said to hell with all of it and just went home. If we wanted to mingle with thousands of sweaty, wet, scantily-clad strangers, we would have gone to Frolicon instead.

I think we’re probably done with DragonCon for good.

…at least until next year.


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