Chasing Shakey

UFO Colon @ Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

A quest for Shakey’s Pizza took us from Shibuya all the way across town to Shinjuku.

Cartman tried to clone Shakey’s Pizza in S05E13. We thought it was just a joke franchise.

But we were quite surprised to learn Shakey’s was a real thing, and we discovered this somewhere near Harajuku where we were also handed all sorts of amusing literature about Space Jesus. We ate the hell out of some pizza and beer and I spent the rest of the evening face-first in the Park Hyatt’s toilet.

When we went back in 2013 we didn’t have high expectations that Shakey’s would still be there, but alas– it was! We didn’t eat much though since we were post-gaming from having gone to an expensive (but unfilling) dinner at Ninja Dinner Asakusa just an hour earlier.

Thus, a ritual was born, and we resolved we had to go to Shakey’s again. But we could no longer find it! We walked up and down the strips by Harajuku…I knew that once we had reached Oriental Bazaar we had gone too far, and that it was supposed to be near Kiddie Land (an unfortunately named toy store) but Shakey’s was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually we surmised that it had closed, and the signage replaced with that of a dental office or something. Lame.

We love a good quest, so the nearest Shakey’s was…all the way in Shinjuku, on the opposite side of town.

Tired, hungry, and cold, we trekked all the way over to Shinjuku and found the Shakey’s in the basement of some office building.

And you know what? It was worth it. I ordered an entire pizza, she ordered pasta and potato somethings. We cleaned it up.

On the way back to the train station we stopped by a random arcade. A lot of the games are starting to feel the same to us, and so many arcades are nothing but claw games. At this one in particular we were amused by the alien-themed claw game called “UFO Colon.” Not colony, just colon. Part of a misguided reference to alien anal probes? Or an innocent misspelling? You be the judge.

The most amusing part was that it was a totally normal game and she even won some stuffed animal keychains for the kids.

A note on taxis

We took a taxi back from Shinjuku to Shiodome (literally crossing the entire city again). There was something different about this particular taxi that did not seem to apply to any others– this one’s meter kept running even when we were stopped. The cost of that taxi ride came out to something ridiculous like $50. I don’t remember what company it was with but if I recall correctly it was one that used black cabs in its fleet (there are several, we’ve used others many times but never had issues with the meter continuously running even when stopped at lights). Beware…!


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