World Beer Museum

World Beer Museum

We went looking for food on our way to the Umeda Sky Building and had a bit of a rough time of it; I don’t think we could figure out what exactly we wanted.

We ducked into the Grand Front North Building, noticing that it had a food mall on B1F. Though we were hungry, nothing was really appealing to us. Eventually we found the World Beer Museum and declared it good enough.

Everywhere we’ve been (excepting the sumo tournaments) the Japanese have been very reserved and quiet. Here though, when you walk in, everybody cheers. It’s amazing what loading up on booze will do to inhibitions and social constructs.

The World Beer Museum is a cute restaurant done up in a distinctly German style. They have many, many international beers on tap as well as an international selection of pub food (sausages, potato-based appetizers, pizza, maybe steak?).

We ordered lobster ravioli, a pizza, potatoes au gratin, and some beer. At first I was ordering Japanese drafts at random but by the end I could see the tab adding up and made selections based on price alone. Hence, Spaten.

The food was delicious. The cream sauce in the potatoes was unlike any we’d ever had before; it was almost too rich. After putting away an entire pizza and most of a plate of pasta, we just couldn’t finish the last few bites.

It was by far the best pub food we’d ever had! Very expensive but worth every yen.


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