Cabrillo Tide Pools, San Diego

Top @ Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

We had a little bit of time to ourselves following a wedding so we went exploring!

On the flight in, I got a good look at San Diego from above. And I thought Arizona was flat.

San Diego from Airplane @ California, America

We’re in town for a wedding. It was a lovely ceremony at a very picturesque venue; we met some fun people, had some delicious food and had a great time.

We had a little bit of free time to ourselves so we went out exploring! She grew up around here, and we went to some of the places she remembered from her childhood. So it was we found ourselves eating breakfast burritos on the beach by Hotel Del Coronado.

I have to say, San Diego is absolutely beautiful. The weather is perfect. It’s always sunny, it never rains and only gets cold at night. For the first time in months I’m seeing sunlight and soaking up all the Vitamin D I can get.

The speed limits around here are insane but exhilarating. It’s nice to have a reason to be doing 70 everywhere. Zipping past all the palm trees in the warm sunlight, I feel like an 80s Barbie come to life. All we were missing was a pink convertible and “Malibu” labels plastered all over everything.

Cabrillo National Monument

Her mom said we had to go see the Cabrillo National Monument. She was insistent, so we went.

The whole thing is situated on a tiny sliver of a peninsula on US military property. I think they still do naval training here, but its other purpose is far more obvious– we weren’t sure what to expect on the way in but very quickly we saw a lot of rolling hills of crosses to commemorate the war dead. What a beautiful place to have a memorial. It was like the scene at the end of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… just rolling hills of graves.

There are a few things you can do at Cabrillo, but the thing we spent the most time with were the tide pools.

Tide Pool @ Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

We got there later in the day but I am told that if you get there earlier, when the waves come in they will often leave all manner of little critters in the sinkholes the retreating water creates. All we saw today was a shit ton of kelp. Growing up on the Atlantic side of things, I had never actually seen kelp before, just lots of seaweed. I spent a lot of time trying to burst kelp bubbles.

Kelp @ Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

You can also walk along parts of the cliffs along the coast. We saw some people doing some rather dangerous maneuvers in places they shouldn’t. It was incredibly windy and we were both pretty surprised nobody died while we were there.

Cliffs @ Tide Pools, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

Moving along, you can follow the road up to the top of the monument, where there is a statue and a breathtaking view of the harbor.

San Diego Harbor @ California, America

On the way out, when we got on the highway we totally saw a guy on a motorcycle sustain a wheelie for several miles at 80+mph. The crazier part about it was that it wasn’t even a sport bike…he was on a cruiser of some kind. Crazier still was that he was still keeping it up by the time we got off the highway. Rock on, motorcycle guy.


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